Moments, Memory, Memorabilia

20151212_MomentsMemoryMemorabilia_MR5The photographic image played a central role in the visual history of the changing world of the 1840s. It was a world that was colonially inscribed; its geographies redefined and culturally re-conglomerated. It was a world of centres and peripheries linked by power, trade and colonisation. These new political groups had intense activities that linked the axis to the margins and these fringes to each other wherein goods, flora and fauna were relocated. People too moved across immense distances either for work opportunities or propelled by destiny.

The photograph was a response to a social and cultural hunger for accurate and real-looking images, whose origins Naomi Rosenblum, the photography historian, locates in the Renaissance. From then on, the processes, techniques and subjects of photography have changed and evolved. As Coco Fusco, director of Graduate Studies for the Visual Arts, Columbia University, writes: “We are increasingly reliant on photographs for information about histories and realities that we do not experience directly. By looking at pictures we imagine that we can know who we are and who we were.”

The Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto-Porvorim, presents an Exhibition of old Goan photographs, entitled ‘MOMENTS, MEMORY, MEMORABILIA’. The Exhibition has been collated and curated by artist Savia Viegas. ‘Moments, Memory, Memorabilia’ seeks to offer a perspective of the history of Goa mirrored through a collection of old photographs, reminiscent of a bygone Goa.

The eminent architect, Gerard da Cunha, will inaugurate the Exhibition on Saturday, 12 December 2015 at 5 pm at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto-Porvorim. ‘Moments, Memory, Memorabilia’ will remain open for public viewing till 21 December 2015. The Exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.


Savia Viegas is an artist, writer and academic living in Goa. She received the Senior Fulbright Fellowship in 2003-04 to study art museums in America. Her photographic exhibition, ‘Museum through Indian Eyes’ was held at the NCPA in March 2005. She has taught at one of the colleges of University of Mumbai and had drafted a three-year degree course in Heritage Management (the first of its kind in Asia at the undergraduate level) for the University of Mumbai. Savia is a novelist and painter having published Tales from the Attic (2007, self-published) and Let me tell you about Quinta (Penguin, 2011). Her illustrated fiction work Abha Nama and Eddi and Diddi was published in November 2012. In December 2009 she held her solo exhibition of paintings entitled, ‘Picturing Us’. Her second solo show entitled ‘Mementos’ was exhibited at Sunaparanta in 2014.

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